Uber economy and taxation issues

The new age digital economy goes by various names such as collaborative economy or sharing economy.In layman language it is uber economy.It is the hybrid market model where an online space is created to co-ordinate the service provider and the consumer.
The online space creator in “uber economy” of taxi hailing services is of course the company uber and service providers are taxi drivers and we are the end customers.This type of economy is also followed in various sectors, Airbnb ( housing and rentals) Instacart (grocery delivery ) and various other online services operate on the same lines.
These new age economy has made services more accessible to users and connect small service providers to a huge number of customers.However there are several legal questions being raised on how far these online services and their operations are regulated.
The digital services have already started to disrupt the well established traditional services.This is evident from the widespread protests of taxi drivers across the globe against Uber and similar ride sharing taxi services.
What is required is that the government should form laws and regulations based on the evolving economy.Limiting these sectors by making them adhere to the regulations of the 20th century is only going to damper the overall development.
Leaving the sharing economy unregulated will only cause unfair competition and disadvantage to the traditional way of business.The positive effect of these services on the economy should be taken into account.For example ride sharing taxi services can reduce traffic congestion on roads, and rental services can create a cheaper tourism option.
The regulations and taxes should create a level playing field for everyone and also provide space for the growth of uber like economy

“New York needs Uber” is gaining more support

Uber has been garnering support from various sections of the society for its ride sharing service in New York.Currently; Uber is operating in New York City where it is regulated by NYC taxi and limousine commission.
Buffalo Niagara partnership, a number of mayors including Mayor Brown have come forward to make ride sharing services available throughout New York.
The members of local and national disabled community have joined “NY needs uber” in support of mobility and economic options for the disabled people.A diverse group of state and community leaders along with Mothers against drunk and driving(MADD) representative Chris Collins have joined for the same cause.
All of them want a regulatory frame to set so that Uber and similar ride sharing services can function through out New York.
The mayors have urged that Uber has the potential to create 13,000 jobs and makes communities safer by reducing drunk and drive cases.This statement comes in the wake of statewide economic report released by Uber about the possible that the company can generate.
Uber has started statewide jobs tour focusing on Upstate.The Company is visiting towns and cities to take into account the economic impact it would have in operating through out New York.
Uber has also created a petion to gather support for uber in Buffalo region nd has stated that around 2000 people in this area open the app for a ride.Over 400 partners took part in the uber’s stae wide job tours.

Uber tax payment tricks policy makers

Uber is a multinational company and has subsidiaries all round the world.It has a fine and intrinsic corporate structure to save every penny of tax it can.
However uber has not broken a single law and has paid all the leagal taxes it should.This is not new and has been employed by several other tech-gaints notably apple, google, starbucks.
First and foremost uber does not treat its drivers as its employees as but rather they are termed as contractors.This means that the uber drivers have to pay their own taxes.The case regarding this was was brought in the Australian taxation office (ATO) which has instructed the drivers to pay GST (goods and services tax).Uber has challenged this descion in the fedral court of Australia.
When questioned about wether uber pays the taxes for the revenue it has earned the company stated that 25% of its revenue is sent to its parent company in Netherlands.This is not the case in Australia alone but even in UK the revenue it generates is redirected to Netherland.No brownie points on why its netherlands, this nation has low corporate tax.
This has been the practice of many huge companies; to choose off shore sites where the corporate tax is Low.As the asset of uber or other tech-gaints is not manufacturing sites it is their Intellectual property.The Company tax amounted £22,134 in UK despite making a profit of £866,000 in 2014.This amount of tax was also rolled over to next year.
And also Uber is fighting a legal battle in USA over making its drivers full time employess.Despite its eye popinf funding aggressive global expansion the biggest adavantage of this company is its tax saving structure.

Some valuable tips for Uber from its backseat rider

Uber, the largest transportation network is known for its efficient service and a long list of controversies as well. The company’s smart phone app connects the riders with its drivers and provides a smooth service. But not every single user is convinced with Uber’s service, in fact, there are many complaints pouring in at customer feedbacks section. Uber has also promised to take care of the technical issues and offer a much better service in near future.

Cancellation policies are one of the most bugging issues that Uber needs to take care of. The company charges $10 when a customer cancels the ride 5 minutes after making a call and also when there is no sign of a rider after drivers waiting more than 5 minutes. Due to the cancellation policies, the Uber drivers take advantages and make money off surge pricing. Also, when you look for the nearest cab in your app, the estimated arrival time changes as soon you book it. The estimated time is doubled, but the company’s spokesperson has justified the issue by stating that it does not offer flying cars, true that!

The US based ride hailing company has promised to offer much better service after correcting all the technical issues. Despite these technical errors bothering its users, they cannot get enough of Uber’s service. It does feel good campaigns and its advertising strategies seem to play a major role in the company’s fame. After all, it is the most valuable startup in the world!   

Uber’s Tip Policy Causes Hesitation As It Leads To Lower Passenger Scores

The tip feature of Uber is causing confusion among the drivers and passengers, whether to make tip or not to the drivers.

Many are still confused about the fact if tipping is allowed or not and some supports the process. One of the competitive services Lyft does not support tip option, which asks the customers to add an additional amount to their fare. Customers who sign up for the first time are asked about the level of the tips they like to give for Taxi. This service is not available in Los Angeles.

If customers are asked to give a tip after their ride, it will give a bad impression about the service. Some drivers are collecting electronic tips individually using payment services like Square and many more.

Uber provides an opportunity for drivers to rate their passengers, just as passengers rate their drivers. Customers are ready to give tips as they bother about the passenger rating score. Ratings of customers will be displayed to all Uber drivers, if the user requested for a ride in Uber.

Asking for passenger rating score is simple using Uber app. To do it, simply open the app on mobile and click on the silhouette at the top left. Then click on the help button followed by account option, which directs the user with an option “I’d like to know my rating”, select it and finally submit it. Within 24 hours the user will receive their score through email.

Uber included in Vancouver Taxi Improvements

Vancouver staff suggested making changes in the Taxi industry by allowing Uber, one of the ride sharing services to start processing in the city. The city is trying to move forward with this idea as it helps Uber to reach its business goal and is expected to make a good impression in the Taxi industry.Uber is a smartphone app, which is available on Android and iOS. It allows non-regulated drivers to take their fares with their own vehicles and is operating in more than 200 cities. Transportation can be made easy with the Uber. People long for companies like Uber as it is providing good taxi service. Other cities also noticed the improvements they have undergone after introducing Uber.

Uber also participated in a conference, which includes 21 recommendations from staff reports to the city taxi industry. Due to increase in the supply, uber service is operating with low fares, higher customer satisfaction and lower waiting time. The Vancouver city is examining those issues to give an opportunity for Uber to start operating in the city. Public safety is still a great concern, which remains, as it could impact the taxi industry.

Ride sharing services are very anxious in strengthening the safety of passengers and availability of such services to disabled persons. A lot of discussions and hard work are required to proceed with this task. A better arrangement is required between the city and the provisional regulators, which is seen in ride sharing services.

Uber’s plan to invade Bellingham

It’s great news to people from Bellingham! Uber is now available in the largest city of Washington DC. It can also boost the economy rate in the city by offering jobs to people who wish to be taxi drivers. People from Bellingham city will now have one less problem dealing with transport service. To take an Uber taxi, all you got to do is download the app and sign up with PayPal or a credit card. Then you’re good to go! Currently, the service has provided around 70 drivers in the city. It has already got a very good response from the city. People are now very excited to use the service.

The riders do not have to keep a track of the ride’s fare, they will be automatically charged through their credit cards. Thanks to the company which keeps track of the rider’s journey! Lately, Uber has been helping out the residents of the city who wish to make money by doing part time jobs. The service would soon catch up with its local rivals in order to rise to the top most position. The firm is planning to launch more facilities to make it more exciting and convenient for the city’s residents. However, the local taxi drivers are very concerned regarding the company’s growth simply because it would ruin their business. They want the city’s council to regulate the issue to make it a fair race. Hopefully, the world famous ride hailing service doesn’t completely take down the other local rivals in near future!

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Nike teams up with Uber

Folks, you don’t have to run around the New York City Marathon to feel like a champion this year! Nike has collaborated with the Uber service to establish the on demand running sessions and it already has a huge hit amongst the New Yorkers. The race kicks off with more than 50,000 people on Sunday evening. It works in a way, where a  coach from Nike will take up your place for two to three miles upon your personal request. Runners of all levels can participate in this race. Starting from morning 8am till 1 pm in afternoon,you can buy Nike and Run Club Pacer. You can do it by simply tapping the profile icon in your Uber application and enter the promotional code RUNNYC under promotion section.

The runners now do not have to worry about running throughout the city. With this handy and cool feature, you are just one click away from the on demand running sessions. Now, you can thoroughly enjoy the marathon race without having to worry a bit. A coach from the Nike running club will show up at any location and provide personalized run for about 3 miles as per your request. The idea is very innovative and is sure to grab out all the New Yorker’s attention. Nike’s team up with car service is indeed a catchy idea to get many people as much as possible to participate in the Marathon race. Let us all just hope the Marathon ends with a greater success!

The World’s Biggest Company Uber Has No Drivers

The number of Uber Taxi drivers fall from 80,000 to none by the end of this season. Now the company decided to call them as ‘driver-partners’. Driver partners are workers who are chosen to provide car rides using the Uber platform. These part time workers value their flexibility and availability instead working as an employee.

According to Uber, drivers are paying Uber for the use of the app to grow their business. Its drivers protested last week, as the firm increased commission for new drivers from 20% to 25%. Uber operates in 351 cities in 64 countries which has over 1.1 million active driver partners.        It is fighting a legal battle with driver partners who seek the benefits of traditional workers. Driver partners in California is asking for petrol and maintenance expenses while in UK they need paid vacations and minimal wage protection. Uber also plans to remove driver partners for self driving taxis.

Uber says its drivers as self employed as they can come and go as they wish and they have the right to choose the time and place of their work. It also says that, more than half of the driver partners work less than 10 hours in a day. However Uber can deduct driver pay, can decide which route they should take and can deactivate drivers who turn down too many fares.

Last year February, Uber formed partnership with Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh to work together on mapping vehicles. By may, Uber used its 40 researchers and scientists for its new advanced technology center.

Uber accidently exposed driver’s personal data

Uber, the online transport raid hailing service is an immense hit across the globe. Though it has a long list of controversies, its fame and popularity has fetched a higher position among people around the world. But Uber does the deadly mistake around this time! The company has accidentally released personal information of taxi drivers. It involves certification forms, licenses’ scans, social security numbers and a few more essential data. This was reported by the drivers to the media, but Uber’s spokesperson announces the mistake has been fixed soon after 30 minutes. More than 600 drivers’ personal data was breached. However, the data was only leaked to the drivers who have logged into their accounts on the Partner app. One of the drivers said he sensed the leakage while uploading his document in app; hundreds of other drivers’ documents were visible to him. The authorities have announced there is no evidence of Uber’s data being misused. Although the speculations were cleared, people are still concerned over the leakage.

The user’s privacy is a very serious question that has been raised by the users. Despite all the leakage drama, the hackers still managed to hack the accounts even after the passwords were changed. According to Motherboard, Uber users were charged for the unmade trips and their accounts were sold online with stolen login information. With these severe data breaches, Uber’s security concerns several people around the world. Let us all pray that Uber doesn’t completely sink in the following years to come!