The World’s Biggest Company Uber Has No Drivers

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The number of Uber Taxi drivers fall from 80,000 to none by the end of this season. Now the company decided to call them as ‘driver-partners’. Driver partners are workers who are chosen to provide car rides using the Uber platform. These part time workers value their flexibility and availability instead working as an employee.

According to Uber, drivers are paying Uber for the use of the app to grow their business. Its drivers protested last week, as the firm increased commission for new drivers from 20% to 25%. Uber operates in 351 cities in 64 countries which has over 1.1 million active driver partners.        It is fighting a legal battle with driver partners who seek the benefits of traditional workers. Driver partners in California is asking for petrol and maintenance expenses while in UK they need paid vacations and minimal wage protection. Uber also plans to remove driver partners for self driving taxis.

Uber says its drivers as self employed as they can come and go as they wish and they have the right to choose the time and place of their work. It also says that, more than half of the driver partners work less than 10 hours in a day. However Uber can deduct driver pay, can decide which route they should take and can deactivate drivers who turn down too many fares.

Last year February, Uber formed partnership with Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh to work together on mapping vehicles. By may, Uber used its 40 researchers and scientists for its new advanced technology center.

Uber accidently exposed driver’s personal data

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Uber, the online transport raid hailing service is an immense hit across the globe. Though it has a long list of controversies, its fame and popularity has fetched a higher position among people around the world. But Uber does the deadly mistake around this time! The company has accidentally released personal information of taxi drivers. It involves certification forms, licenses’ scans, social security numbers and a few more essential data. This was reported by the drivers to the media, but Uber’s spokesperson announces the mistake has been fixed soon after 30 minutes. More than 600 drivers’ personal data was breached. However, the data was only leaked to the drivers who have logged into their accounts on the Partner app. One of the drivers said he sensed the leakage while uploading his document in app; hundreds of other drivers’ documents were visible to him. The authorities have announced there is no evidence of Uber’s data being misused. Although the speculations were cleared, people are still concerned over the leakage.

The user’s privacy is a very serious question that has been raised by the users. Despite all the leakage drama, the hackers still managed to hack the accounts even after the passwords were changed. According to Motherboard, Uber users were charged for the unmade trips and their accounts were sold online with stolen login information. With these severe data breaches, Uber’s security concerns several people around the world. Let us all pray that Uber doesn’t completely sink in the following years to come!